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Three Rules for wearing statement jewelry

bronzevilleblog jan 2017Jewelry can bring life to an outfit and create a sense of uniqueness that completes your look. Statement pieces have become more popular in the recent years and this is mainly due to the fact that, statement pieces are meant to be fun and bold. It is also easy, as statement jewelry is worn as a single piece and will make your entire outfit stand out. However, if you get it wrong, your entire outfit can look uncoordinated. Here are 3 rules for wearing statement jewelry pieces.

Less is more – Bold pieces need to be worn with clothing that has fewer embellishments. If you choose to wear another piece of jewelry, it should not be worn in close proximity to the other. For example, a statement necklace can be worn with a cocktail ring, but not with a pair of chandelier earrings.

Keep it simple- Choose outfits that are simple and streamed lined with less fuss. For example, a little black dress, a pure white top with blue jeans or a single color maxi dress are all good choices with statement pieces.

Choose earrings wisely – Earrings should always frame your face and suit your face shape. If you have a long face, choose earrings that are round, while if you have a round face, choose longer earrings that dangle towards your chin. For your earrings to stand out, your hair should be styled so that your earrings can be seen.