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The Virgin Mary and Her Influence on Fashion

Since the 4th century A.D., Christianity and the Virgin Mary have had a huge impact on society, particularly fashion. Christian jewellery has always been influential, but recently there has been a huge resurgence in the Virgin Mary and its presence in the fashion world. Some of the most well-known fashion houses have featured the image in the runway collections from platform boots, fitted skirts, and accessories from bags to boots to bangles.

These days, it is not uncommon to find religious jewellery in upscale fashion stores, with many iterations available for even cross necklaces. The cross is an iconic, classic design that has been manipulated over centuries and can remain true to its roots or include diamond details or other precious stones. One of the latest trends hitting the fashion words are sideway crosses, which have veered even further from the traditional aesthetic and is often layered with other pendants to evoke a look that is decidedly modern and sophisticated.

A new generation of fashion forward women are taking religious jewellery to new heights previously unforeseen, and jewellery designers have forging new looks to meet the growing demand. From traditional Virgin Mary pendants to charm bracelets to subtle cross earrings, the current crop of pieces that have debuted on runways and collections are considered chic and edgy, offering more versatility in accessories than ever before. What is clear is that a devotion to religion doesn’t have to exclude a great sense of style.

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