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Seven ways to make cheap jewelry look expensive

8Written by Costbuys

Consumers with less time on their hands choose to shop online and this is now true even when buying jewelry. Although this is a convenient option, you may sometimes buy jewelry that looks a lot different from what you saw on the website. Some jewelry isn’t very easy to return either (not every service is as useful as Amazon).

Here are some tips to avoid buying jewelry that looks cheap:

Ditch the statement necklace and replace it with a layered look – Statement necklaces were trendy 10 years ago and can look dated. Statement necklaces are typically silver, gold or some other kind of bright color. Often not made of real metals, these necklaces were more like costume jewelry.  You can get the same, or at least a similar, effect if you go for layered necklaces that have 3 or 4 thin chains. You get a subtle feminine vibe without all the loudness.

Go for the gold – Gold, when used sparingly, can elevate a simple outfit. Look at investing in a rose gold watch, a bracelet or gold Complete your look with a white blouse and a tailored black pant and you have a classic outfit. Remember; limit your gold to make the pieces really stand out.

Less is more – Instead of wearing a lot of jewelry, choose one feature you want to highlight. For example, if you wear your hair up, choose a nice pair of chandelier earrings. This way, the eyes are focused on the parts you want to highlight, and you can swap out pieces more frequently. The point of jewelry is to add style, not become stale over time. Wedding rings are items you can’t really put away, or at least not very long, but you choose to put on different earrings everyday. Why not bracelets, hair clips or pendants?

Avoid the charms – Charm bracelets should be left to preteens. This item of jewelry will never look expensive. Instead, look at faux pearls and wear one for every family member. Even if you think it’s cute or sentimental, put it in your jewelry box or only take it out for the right occasion (like the mommy charm bracelets at your child’s sports game).

Consider your clothing – Your jewelry should enhance your look. Therefore, if you are wearing a bold print, tone down your jewelry and vice versa. Don’t let necklaces and pendants get lost in the pattern going on with your top, choose solid colors and jewelry that contrasts nicely to get a good effect.

Avoid imitations – If you can’t afford actual Chanel earrings, don’t panic. If you can’t, don’t waste the money on knock-offs that will probably break or become tarnished within a year or so. Save for the real thing. Buy something that suits you and make it part of your personal style.

Buying online – When buying jewelry online, buy pieces that are advertised with a detailed description. Look for details on the material used, the length, size and color of the item.


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