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Rules for Men When Wearing Jewelry

Unlike women, men might be less accustomed to buying and owning jewelry. However, jewelry on a man can look professional and classy. Here are two rules for men when wearing jewelry.

Keep it simple – Keep it simple with a classic leather or silver strap watch. For those who are willing to spend a little more consider a stainless steel strap watch. You can then invest in tie accessories and cufflinks. It is always best to start off with generally accepted pieces before you branch out into other forms of men’s jewelry.

Match metals – Most men’s jewelry will come in metals of gold and silver tones. Focus on wearing one type of metal tone at one time. If you want to wear gold jewelry, choose outfits in earthy tones and deep blues and greens. Avoid wearing different tones of the same material. If you prefer silver, you can look at matching your jewelry with any color clothing, but your jewelry is less likely to stand out. For those who want a bolder look, go for copper or bronze metals as they will stand out. Avoid wearing precious stones as they can look gaudy and less masculine. For younger men, leather is a good option as it provides a casual yet rebellious vibe.

Jewelry for a man is worn to show his masculinity, personality, and strength, therefore be careful when selecting pieces that are outside of the norm.