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Jewelry Etiquette

Women have worn jewelry as a statement of status for centuries. As trends come and go, here are some basic guidelines that will help any women stay timeless.

Everyday jewelry – A wedding ring coupled with an engagement ring and a watch are considered everyday pieces of jewelry.

Office jewelry – Workpieces need to be selected carefully as you don’t want your jewelry to distract from your professional attire. Remember to show your individuality but remain within the company’s dress code. If you work in a conservative office culture look at ear studs or close loops that match your outfit. In a less conservative office environment, you could look at earrings with sparkle. In a more creative environment, you could consider larger statement earrings that match your personality and style. Avoid jewelry that is noisy like bangles or bracelets, as these will clang and disrupt your colleagues.

Jewelry for a formal event – At formal events look at one piece of jewelry that you want to emphasize and let the rest of the pieces be neutral and small. For example, if you want to show off a statement necklace, look at a pulling your hair up in a high updo and skip earrings. Look at pieces with pearls, diamonds or costume jewelry that bring your outfit together.

Party jewelry – For nights out with friends, you can choose to wear sparkly large bangles and earrings as long at as they do not overshadow your personality and sense of style.