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How to buy gold jewelry?

Gold is timeless and never goes out of style. However, like most metals, there are different strengths of gold, making some pieces stronger than others. Here are some simple tips to help you purchase your gold jewelry.

How gold purity impacts value – Gold is measured by karats and the higher the number of karats the more expensive the jewelry will be. For example, 24K is the purest and the strongest while 10K is the lowest number of Karats needed to create gold jewelry. Jelwery that is lower than 14K will not hold its value over time.

European markings – European gold jewelry will be marked differently and will indicate the amount of gold in your jewelry. For example, the 18K gold is marked 750 which indicates 75% gold, 14K gold is marked 585 to indicate 58.5% gold and 10K gold is marked 417 to indicate 41.7%.

Other markings on gold jewelry – All jewelry should be marked with a hallmark or a trademark that identifies its country of origin.

Other metal mixes –  Most often gold is mixed with other types of metal to make it durable and to lower the cost. However, adding different metals can change the color of gold. For example, adding copper to gold will give a rose or pink tint to gold pieces, while adding silver will give gold jewelry a greenish tint.

Gold filled jewelry – Gold filled jewelry is popular and is often marked as 1/20 12K G.F, which means that the jewelry is at least 1/20th 12K gold by weight.