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Dos and don’ts of wearing summer jewelry

Summer means days outside and at the beach. Although summer jewelry is fun and creative, there are still some guidelines you should follow.

Do layer your jewelry – Layering your necklaces is a great way to freshen up simple outfits. Look at adding different pieces of thin chains coupled with simple pendants.

Don’t overdo it – If you’re trying to impress and standout, look at simple, comfortable pieces that make less noise. You should look at pieces that match well together and don’t tangle with one another. Remember that all metals don’t match together, so look at the texture, color, and shine of each piece before wearing your jewelry.

Do wear anklets – anklets are a great way to pretty up a simple sandal or a casual pair of shorts. Sterling silver pieces are a good option as they wouldn’t discolor if they get wet.

Avoid experimenting with too much color – Avoid wearing lots of different colors as this will make you and your outfit look less than coordinated. Opt for colors like turquoise, aqua, orange, and yellow, and use the same shade with all the pieces you are wearing.

Do leather necklaces – Leather necklaces are fresh, vibrant and stylish. Pair yours with a crisp white shirt and jeans and you will look sophisticated and well put together.

Don’t wear black chokers – In summer it is best to keep your look light and relaxed, and a black choker does the opposite. Look at pieces that are simple and light in color to play into the summer vibe.