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Clever Ways to Keep Jewelry Organized

If you love jewellery and want to keep your jewellery in good condition, here are some tips on how to organize your pieces.

Painted twigs – Twigs are an easy way to hang your jewelry as they can display your jewelry in a manner that is easily accessible. Look at painting your twigs in white to add rustic charm to your display.

Hanger jewelry holder – Use a wooden hanger with a thick base and add screws with eye hooks to the length of the hanger. Place your hanger in your cupboard or hang your hanger near your dresser for easy access.

Ultimate accessory organizer – Accessory organizers will hold all your jewelry in safe, dark velvet compartments. Organizers are great if you own valuable pieces that need safe keeping.

Frame organizer – Visit your local flea market and choose a quirky frame that can be transformed into a jewelry organizer. Place your flame on the wall and add small hooks inside the frame. Your frame will keep your jewelry neat and provide you with easy access.

Glass tiered tray – Glass tiered trays are ideal for holding rings, earrings, thin chains, and bracelets. Look at antique versions that will provide a shabby chic look or a metal design for a simple, minimal look.

Lace doily bowls – For those who love anything frilly and girly, lace doily bowls are a great idea for holding your most treasured pieces.

Cutlery tray necklace organizer – Cutlery trays are compartmentalized, and therefore perfect for necklaces.