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8 Top Jewelry Tips From the Experts

Jewellery can bring personality and uniqiness to any outfit. However, if you’re wearing the wrong jewelry, even the best looking outfit can look cheap and mismatched. Here are some expert tips that will ensure you wear your jewelry right.

Layered gold chains – Jewelry trends are moving away from small dainty pieces to more statement pieces that stand out. If you have many-layered pieces, look at clipping off a few to create a solitary chain.

Less is more – If you are wearing bolder, larger pieces look at wearing color intensive jewelry. But remember only to wear one or two-piece at a time.

Look for versatile pieces – Long necklaces can be worn as a single strand, as a triple strand choker, even as a bracelet.

Earn a compliment – Pieces that win compliments are the ones you should wear more often. If your jewelry catches someone’s eye, it means that it is enhancing your look.

Buy what you love – If you are out shopping and something catching your eye, consider buying it or at least trying it on.

Try it on – You should always wear jewelry to check if it is comfortable and the right length. Consider the weight, texture and the clasp before you buy a piece of jewelry.

Stack your bracelets – Bracelets are easy to wear and comfortable. Consider investing in a few and wear them separately or stacked.

Give up the watch – If you must wear a watch, choose to wear thin bracelets that compliment your watch and watch strap. You could also leave your watch behind and use your phone to check the time.